The start of something bonita…

“Cooking is like making love:
 You should enter into it with abandon, or not at all.”

It all started with a harmless thought on a cold Ithaca night: “Wouldn’t it be fun to go cook in Spain for a year?”

That thought led me to a Google search, and that Google search led me to the ICEX website– a site run by the Exterior Cultural Ministry of Spain.

A few more clicks and I was looking at an application that would change everything about my world: School would go on hold for a year; friends, family, mentors, and supportors would be a world away; and a whirlwind journey through a modern culinary mecca began to take shape.

Flash forward just a few short months later to an empty apartment, a box-filled storage space, a jet-lagged American with too much luggage bound for Madrid, and a celebratory meal of cafe con leche and churros in an airport cafe.

How did I get here? Where is this journey leading? Right now I have more questions than answers, but one thing is obvious: This is the end of the beginning, the start of a new and exciting chapter.

I only hope lots of pork products will be involved…


4 Responses to “The start of something bonita…”

  1. Great blog! As always, my thoughts are tumbling somewhere amid wishing you the best, knowing you will be great, and wrestling with my own jealousy.

    We are all looking forward to more of your updates, questions, and pictures of your journey.

    Today’s email quote is strangely apropos:

    “The one thing all famous authors, world class athletes, business tycoons, singers, actors, and celebrated achievers in any field have in common is that they all began their journeys when they were none of these things.

    Yet still, they began their journeys.”

    -Mike Dooley

  2. Christina Says:

    I’m excited to see you’ve set up a blog. Best of luck with this new chapter–we’ll miss you back at Cornell! Don’t have too much fun without us… and keep in touch!

    – Christina

  3. Jeff, you know blog need pictures. Click Click!

    But really have a great time and I too hope that lots of pork products are in your immediate future.

    Take care and I look forward to your updates.


  4. jeri cohen Says:

    Your site is awesome – Good luck on your fantastic journey.

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