The Fat Lady’s song

With the sending off of my last 2 plates of almendrado (an ajo blanco-based speciality of Dani Garcia) Saturday night, I served my last official tables of the 2010-2011 ICEX Scholarship. Joder,what an experience it has been…

WIth Dani & David

And while I was working that final service, a thought hit me:

“I have a week left here to play! It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and the only fat ladies singing in the south of Spain are doing so to the wails and beats of a flamenco guitar.”

For me, nothing is as quintessentially southern Spanish than flamenco and paella–and maybe Dani Garcia (beside the point, but gotta give the guy props!).

And so a plan formed… ROADTRIP!!!!

I decided, in that moment, that this week is going to be all about Andalucia: I am going to travel the south of Spain–seeking out and enjoying two of my favorite things in the world, and trying not to get arrested along the way.

And to start it all off, I am going back to one of my favorite cities from our tour, which is also the home of some of the best rice (and rice dishes) in the world: Alicante.

Yes, Alicante… Valencia may be known for Paella Valenciana, but for my money Alicante is where it’s at.

Take notes, kids… this will be on the final.


One Response to “The Fat Lady’s song”

  1. Are we just going to be tested on the road trip or the entire year?

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