Southern Comfort: An Andalusian birthday

Another birthday, another year older– but this time I am celebrating in Granada in the south of Spain!

This weekend is also the Festival of the Cross or something religious-ie like that, so lots of theatrics are the haps.

Playing dress up Andalusian style

Specifically, everywhere you go are men, women, boys, and girls in colorful costumes to celebrate the holiday. What’s more  lots of flamenco and cultural goodies abound = a very happy birthday boy.

Una “muchisimas gracias” grande y un abrazo fuerte a mis amigos de Restaurante Calima para un fin de semana muy especial. Sois cabrones y tambien sois mi familia andaluz.                                                                               

Here’s the links…

Photos from Granada- Statue abuse, liver abuse, and a costume malfunction

Video #1- Impromptu flamenco

Video #2- At the club


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