Toledo to Marbella via Ithaca

2 quick words about HEC 85:

Best Ever.

Shucking favas... a LOT of favas. **Photo courtesy of Zach "The King of Kvetch" Reuben **

For those who were living under a rock at the SHA last week, I made a little surprise side-trip to Ithaca, NY to take part in HEC (Hotel Ezra Cornell) 85.

I was given the honor of cooking a couple of event for this student-run event over the past few years (HEC 83- Power Lunch photos, HEC 84- Gala photos) so when this year’s HEC fell at a perfect time during my ICEX scholarship I figured I would take the opportunity to help out where I could. And off to Ithaca I went on a little surprise visit…

That said, it was a total joy to take part in a very small way with the event. Great food, great people, a little drama– but what would HEC be without a little drama?

Thanks to C Popp and the HEC crew for letting me come peel potatoes. See (most of) you guys in August!

And now onto Marbella and one of the most exciting restaurants in Spain: Calima. My new chef, Dani Garcia, is one of the widely-acknowledged initiators of the usage of liquid nitrogen in the kitchen… should make for a very (everyone groan together now) COOL experience. Yuk yuk yuk…

Espetos: skewered sardines roasted on the beach

Here’s some homework, kids– next post will be from Andalucia: the south of Spain and the home of flamenco, gazpacho, espetos (sardines grilled over live flame in beach-made fire pits), and me for the next 5ish months:

YouTube video of Dani Garcia

Calima article

And just in case you missed the Cornell Daily Sun article…


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