15 minutes…er, seconds… of fame

Let the excitement begin…

Madrid Fusion is here: Bring on the celeb chefs, bring on the press, bring on the free food, the liquor (and more liquor, and MORE liquor!), the adoring fans, the accolades… and The Chef Coat. 

The Chef Coat--Team USA

I know–it’s silly but bear with me here. This is the first time I have  earned a chef coat with my name on it; a coat that symbolizes the acomplishment of selection for this scholarship.                                   

And it’s pretty awesome: It’s a fancy Brigard coat with our country flag, the spanish flag, our names, and other “bling.” 

Like a bad Jew on Christmas (sans decent chinese food, which is nowhere to be found in Spain), I ran up to my hotel room, ripped off the plastic wrapping on my coat, slid it on… 

aaaannnnddd it’s big. WAY big. Fit-two-of-me-in-there big. F My Life… guess those hours of sweating during service did me some good afterall! 

So with a fancy Brigard chef “mumu” in tow, I ran around Madrid Fusion with my fellow cooks. We ate a little, drank a lot, and then it was time to go on stage for our moment–our 15 seconds of fame. 

Which was when I saw one of the greatest chefs in Spain, Juan-Mari Arzak… in a chef “mumu” also: 

Juan Mari Arzak

ICEX 2009-2010 Team

And all was right in the world. 

Here is the Madrid Fusion photo set: 

Madrid Fusion photos


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