Photo dump v3.0

Ok, the much promised food porn photo dump.


Madrid Fusion

Salamanca, Bad queso, and our “so called” matanza

MercaMadrid with Adolfo

Restaurante Adolfo photobook

General Spain photos

Aaaaannnddd lots of videos. Who loves ya, baby?!

The video dump


4 Responses to “Photo dump v3.0”

  1. Murielle Power Says:

    Love the beautiful pictures. All the food looks amazing. I’m hungry!!!!
    Keep posting these beautiful pictures, it’s going into my favorites.

  2. Murielle Power Says:


  3. Dee Swanhart Says:

    The pictures of absolutely awewome. I enjoyed looking at them and reading your blog.(even thouugh there were some things i had no clue what you were saying) I still enjoyed it. It was good seeing you the other day in the Terrace.
    take care,and stay well,my friend.


  4. Dee Dee Trott Says:

    My fiancee Terry loves to cook and does an awesome job. We enjoy tastings at different restaurants in different places.. Hope to come to France/Spain/Italy one day soon. Hey you gotta eat to survive so might as well enjoy it..

    Amazing work you do and the pictures are tasteful.. Keep up the awesome job.. Will look forward to more..

    Sincerely, Dee Dee

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